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Metchem Industries Since 2000 manufacturer of resin coated sand & silica sand. We are one of the leading manufacturers of Resin Coated Sand.

Resin coated sand is an excellent and accurate method in foundry practices. For producing a casting of high precise dimensions, smooth surface, free of blow holes and to avoid casting defects you must use shell molding process & therefore resin coated sand.

Special Resin Coated Sand

We manufacture all grades of resin coated sand for the preparation of shell cores and moulds either by conventional dump box method or by core shooter. Our resin coated sands are specially formulated to reduce emissions, smoke and odor during production of cores and moulds in ferrous and non-ferrous metal casting. Our valuable clients are from automobile foundries, Pump and Motor Casting foundries, Engine Block foundries and other general Engineering Industries.

We manufacture Resin Coated Sands, which are processed using high grade silica sand. By pre-coating it with catalyst and phenol-formaldehyde (PF) resin, this sand is prepared. This sand is manufactured in our ultra-modern coating plant. Our sand is free flowing, smooth and dry with better resistance to moisture. It is offered in grain form also. We also prodzeed resin sand as customers requirement and his application. We manufacture Resin Coated sand in Ahmedabad with low gas and high strength. We make Resin Coated Sand Specially for Auto casting and as per customer requirements. Our special resin coated sand is highly suitable for Auto Parts, Hollow Corel mold and law peel back. We personally understand customer application and his requirement and make the resin sand for them application.

Resin Coated Sand Supplier in Ahmedabad

Advantages of Ahmedabad's Special Foundry Resin Coated Sand

Shell process products contain low or no formaldehyde.

Castings can be produced with close tolerance and with very minimum machining allowances along with excellent surface finish.

Shell process molds and cores remain usable indefinitely and are un affected by high humidity storage.

Reduced mould/core dilation. Resistance to bending/cracking

Shell cores can be made hollow resulting in significantly lighter weight and lower cost cores.

Self life of the resin coated sand is unlimited.

Hollow cores and light weight shell molds burn more completely, and yield waste sands that contain less organics.

Reduced core cost and improved de-coring due to hollow core making

High strength cores and molds yield castings with precise dimensional tolerances.

Fast curing of Resin Coated Sand gives high production with uniform baking of sand.

Better reproducibility of fine edges and marks

Characteristics of Resin Coated Sand:

AFS: 40-50,50-60,60-65, AFS 70 – 75,75-85,

Available in various grades to suit the different types of operation.

Ready for use.

Resin Coated Sand's Recommended Applications

We have a wide range of high graded silica sand coated with resins

It gives an exceptionally high hot strength

Gas evolution is very low during pouring

It develops uniform build-up with faster rate of cure

It gives strong core & mould

Low gas resin & Sand

Low peel back resin coated sand

Dry silica sand & foundry Use..

It is highly resistant to peel back

It is very dry, smooth and free flowing with good resistance to moisture

Exceptionally smooth and excellent surface finish of the casting with no sand fusion

Water based or solvent based product range of refractory coatings must be used for excellent casting surface finish

Resin Coated Sand Packaging Details:

Standard Packing: Our product is available in 50 kgs. bags.

Resin Coated Sand Supplier in Ahmedabad
Resin Coated Sand Manufacturer in Ahmedabad
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Resin Coated Sand in Ahmedabad

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